Your visit

Welcome! Here, you'll find all the information you need for your visit to this website and your musical tour of the Gemäldegalerie.

You have the option to embark on the tour at the Gemäldegalerie using either audio guide devices or your own smartphone. We recommend using your smartphone with headphones to fully experience all the functions and graphic elements of the tour. No app download or installation is required.

Alternatively, you can enjoy the tour from the comfort of your computer or tablet at home, where you can view the paintings and listen to the accompanying music.

The Tour – guided or individual

If you prefer to explore the paintings in the recommended order, simply scan the QR code in the entrance area of the Gemäldegalerie or select your preferred tour on the homepage of our website. Navigation at the bottom of the pages allows you to seamlessly move between individual stations and progress from one picture to the next.

For those who enjoy moving freely through the exhibition, QR codes beneath each painting can be scanned, or you can enter the picture number in the search function on this website. Navigating via the site plan is also an option.

Using the buttons

Throughout the tour, you'll encounter various buttons with different functions. Here, we explain the most important ones:

For each image, there's an introductory audio clip that you can start and pause using the play button. Adjacent to it, you'll find a text button that opens the transcription for you to read along. Click again to hide the text. To discover where the current picture is located in the picture gallery, select the button with the location pin.

Play audio clip

Show transcription

Show floor plan

Additionally, each painting harbors various hidden details that you can reveal by clicking on the circular marker. Behind these markers are explanations from our art and music experts.

Would you like to listen to the corresponding piece of music in its entirety? Use the media player below the image. The play button starts and pauses the music, and you can fast-forward or rewind by 10 seconds using the small buttons on the right and left.