About the Project

Music and visual art have always inspired each other: paintings and music are so intertwined by their creators that they hold the potential for an extraordinary art experience. Thus, the desire grew to share this exciting world of synesthetic experiences.

Sounding Images

With the project „Sounding Images“, we want to convey the repertoire of the RIAS Kammerchor Berlin in the context of visual art – and vice versa, bring paintings to life through vocal music.

How does my perspective on a painting change when I listen to music with it? Do I hear differently when I can see what is happening in the music? Do the people in the painting suddenly start moving? Does the sky back there suddenly shift? We want to open this sensory space and thus create a new approach to vocal music.

Cooperation partners

The RIAS Kammerchor Berlin is one of the world's leading professional choirs. Founded in 1948 and repeatedly awarded since then, the choir is significantly known for its precise sound. The repertoire ranges from historically informed Renaissance and Baroque interpretations to reinterpretations of works from the Classical and Romantic periods to regular premieres.

Sounding Images is funded by „Digital Development in the Cultural Sector“ of the Senate Department for Culture and Societal Cohesion and is a collaborative project of the RIAS Kammerchor Berlin with the Gemäldegalerie Berlin and Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

The Christmas story, the pilot project of this collaboration, will be released on December 23, 2023. An extensive episode on the Passion story with newly recorded music will be released on March 19, 2024.